DeAcarid® 1.8Ec

DeAcarid 1.8EC is a naturally derived broad-spectrum miticide and insecticide used in the control of mites and insects on coffee, fruits vegetables and ornamentals.
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• Ensure your spray equipment is clean.
• Calculate the amount of DeAcarid 1.8EC needed.
• Fill the spray tank with half the amount of water required.
• Add the DeAcarid 1.8EC and agitate vigorously.
• Top up with the remaining amount of water as you agitate.
• Do not add wetters and spreaders to the DeAcarid 1.8EC spray solution.

Spray Volume
• Vegetables – 500 l/hectare
• Flowers and other crops – 1000 l/hectare

Pre-Harvest Period
Do not apply within 3 days

DeAcarid 1.8EC® and Bio-Medica® are registered trademarks of Bio-Medica® Laboratories Limited