Bio-Medica Beverages

We offer DSM enzymes solutions used in beverages like;

DSM Brewers Clarex ®

The only enzy-matic technology that can prevent chill haze, enabling cost-effective beer stabilization that helps to gain capacity throughshorter conditioning at higher temperatures.

DSM Brewers Compass®

An optimized liquid enzyme blend that allow brewers to use locally sourced material such as sorghum, cassava, rice etc.

DSM Filtrase™

A range of filtration enzymes that improve mash efficiency and improve filtration time

Fruit Juice

DSM Rapidase®

A range of enzymes that enables higher yields, depectinization, improved texture, firmness and higher color extraction in fruit juice processing


DSM Rapidase®

Natamycin based natural preservative against yeast and molds, it has no impact on taste or smell of yoghurt and cheese