Bio-Medica Dairy

We offer dairy solutions like

Yoghurt Cultures

Range of yoghurt cultures that give thick and creamy product with low post acidification.

Cheese Cultures

Range of cheese cultures for all cheese types that give the right flavour and textures that appeal to specific markets.


Astro Pimaricin

Natural preservative obtained from the fermentation of the bacterium streptomyces  natalensis.

Control the proliferation of moulds and yeast thereby extending the shelf life of the treated products.Available in liquid and powder form. 

Cowside II Test

Cowside II Test is a broad spectrum inhibition test typically used for screening of raw commingled and ultra-pasteurized cow milk on the farm,collection,cooling centers and processings plants. It detects all major classes of antibiotics: beta-lactams, sulfonamides, tetracyclines, macrolides, and aminoglycosides.


Leading lactase enzymes for lactose free and Sugar reduced milk

Astro Chymosin

A range of cheese rennets that are 100% chymosin enzymes, highly specific with no side activities. They give high yield and consistent quality cheese.Astro Chymosin is available in granulated versions