FAGILIA -glyphosate 480g/L is a systemic non-selective herbicide used in the control of annual, biannual and perennial weeds, grasses and sedges.
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FAGILIA® is a post emergency herbicide with a wide spectrum of control and can be used in plantation crops, grassland, zero-minimum tillage and non-crop areas.

For Best Result

FAGILIA -Glyphosate 480g/L Isopropylamine salt should be applied when rains are not likely to fall within 6-8 hours of application. Weeds should be applied when they have a full emergency of healthy and actively growing leaves and before flowering or seeding. Avoid windy conditions since drift onto non-target areas can result in serious injury or destruction.

Measure the required amount of FAGILIA -Glyphosate 480g/L Isopropylamine salt and mix with a little amount of water and stir. Add the remaining volume of water and continue stirring.

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