Milling and Bakery

Zuri ® Flour improvers


Bakers flour improver solutions that
results in:

  • high volume
  • strengthen gluten
  • even crumb structure
  • extensibility and machinability

Our solutions enables millers to work
with a wide range of wheat grist

Homebaking flour improver solutions
for Chapati, Mandazi and Atta flours
that result in;

  • extensibility
  • softness
  • stable volume in Mandazi
  • reduced oil absorption

Zuri® Bread improvers


A range of premium bread improvers that give high volume, even and soft crumb structure, good crust color ad offer good machinability of the dough

Zuri cake mixes

Premium quality cake mixes that are easy, fast to bake and offer cost effective solution to your business. Our range includes;

  • Madeira/Pound mix
  • Vanilla Muffin mix
  • Chocolate Muffin mix
  • Vanilla Moist mix
  • Chocolate Moist mix
  • Rich Chocolate mix
  • Red Velvet mix
  • Vanilla Sponge mix
  • Chocolate Sponge mix

Zuri Whipping cream Powder mix


Premium powder mix that gives a stable cream with a rich creamy mouthfeel. the cream is re-whip stable and the powder does not require refrigeration storage

Zuri Bread softener


Improves dough tolerance, crumb softness and baking performance