Bio-Medica Agriculture

BIO-Medica Agriculture

Our mission is to deliver high quality affordable agrochemicals and other agricultural inputs to our consumers in sub-Sahara Africa.We endeavour to partner with farmers for improved agricultural yields, sustainable farming and environmental conservation.

 Bio-Medica Lab. Ltd engages in the following;

  • Formulators, suppliers and distributors of specialty agrochemicals, adjuvants,
    fertilizers, minerals among others.
  • Supports/growing and export of premium and prepared vegetables, fruits and
    flowers from Kenya to the E.U and other markets.
  • Organizing small-holder farmers into Common interest Groups (CIGs) as outgrowers of fresh agricultural produce for trainings on compliance with market
    standards, safe-use of pesticides and post-harvest handling as well as mobilize
  • Partner with large-scale growers and exporters of agricultural produce in
    conducting efficacy trials of our agrochemicals to ensure compliance with
    markets standards especially on Maximum Residual Limits (MRLs) compliance.
  • Partnering with cooperative societies associated with agricultural production to
    train on their membership on compliance with markets standards, safe-use of
    pesticides and post-harvest handling.
Agriculture Catalogue

Bio-Medica Lab. Ltd is also a member of the following associations in Kenya that champion the
interests of their members on lobbying, advocacy, promotion, marketing and regulation aspects:

  • Fresh Produce Association of Kenya (FPEAK)
  •  Agro-chemicals Association of Kenya (AAK)
  • Seed Trade Association of Kenya (STAK)Avocado Society of Kenya (ASOK)

Agriculture equipments

Bio-Medica Lab. Ltd is also regulated by the following government agencies